Hey, how are you? You stopped blogging na? Whyyyyyy? :(


Inactive. So busy with college thingy but I’ll update my blog sooooon. :)

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100% sure im ugly as hell and yet I still expect to be in a relationship with a hot person

parents: "schools easy"
me: "can you help me on this homework problem"
parents: "idk that shit its hard lmao"

A Day with Her (Short film)


how do i get abs without doing anything



                                                Doodle Variation.
                                      Doodlers Doodle Differently. :)


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  2. Apoakonisanta
  3. Benokrebucan
  4. Ecstaticjunoscript
  5. Prinsesangmgamanhid
  6. Geoffgraphy
  7. Henchenrick
  8. Nathanleory
  9. Pundidongsaynpen
  10. Iamreighn

Ang sarap naman sa feeling neto :) Salamat dito! Muah.

Bitch, y u so serious?

Bitch, y u so serious?